Osaki OS 7075r Massage Chair Review

Massage chairs have brought a revolution in the massage industry. One no longer has to go to the local massage parlor to get a massage. Many people shy away from massage despite all its great health benefits. This is because they hesitate to have another person touch their bare skin.

With the massage chairs, such challenges have been bypassed. Therefore, anyone who has always been interested in getting a massage has a chance to enjoy the experience from the Osaki massage chairs. Unlike the first generation massage chairs, the Osaki massage chairs have been engineered to give one a customized and effective full body massage.

Osaki OS 7075R Massage chair

Assembling this chair of the Osaki OS-7075R Massage chair is quite easy and straightforward. Most customers report that they used the help of the YouTube videos to learn how the chair is put together. Once they get the knowledge, it becomes much easier to follow the guide to put it together and start enjoying the intense massage experience.

Osaki Massage ChairLooking at the massage strength, it has one of the strongest ones. The Oskaki Massage Chair gives an intensive deep tissue massage leaving somebody feeling intensely relaxed.One can easily change the intensity levels depending on what is comfortable for them. It is rated as one of the strongest massage chairs in the market.

The chair has a 3-D S-track technology roller which helps to map out the body and trace the spinal alignment. This helps enables the chair roller system to apply adequate pressure on the neck, shoulder, back and lumbar area. Most customers appreciate the effectiveness of this technology in ensuring that the chair administers effective massage.

The chair provides the zero gravity technology whereby, when it is reclined, the feet are above the heart level. The zero gravity position which has a lot of benefits like improving blood circulation and increasing lung functioning. Lungs will fully expand and in return breathing becomes easier making blood circulate in throughout the body. At the zero gravity position, most people report to having felt weightless.

Another feature that makes this chair more effecient is its 46 airbags massage system. These airbags massages different parts of the body. There is an option of massaging the upper body, lower body and the whole body.There is also an option of customizing the air bags to a customer’s need and preferences.

There is also a full and complete heating system that concentrates on the major joints.There is the use of the infrared technology, which is more efficient compared to the traditional heating pads used.Ultimately, this full heating system helps to increase the blood flow across the body.

If a customer wants a head massage, this chair has a unique air bag that facilitates a head massage.The customer puts the air bag round the head and let it massage you gently as it penetrates deeply.It actually feels like real hands massaging you creating a relaxed mood.

Surprisingly, this air bags are not static which makes it allow for all body shapes onto the chair.This helps the shoulder massage to be very effective. It also creates a good motion and movement that work well with the zero gravity technology. This ensures a very thorough and fulfilling massage.

An additional plus for the chair is its automatic option where one just click on the remote button and you sit down and enjoys the therapeutic experiences by the Osaki OS-7075R Massage chair.


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The technology employed in the designing of the massage chair is very effective. Most people who have used the chair say that after the massage, they could feel the sense of relaxation spread out their whole body. With this chair at ones home, it is possible to have a massage schedule, just like most people have a jogging schedule.

That would ensure that the level of tension is the body is decreased hence boosting once physical health. Regular massage would also help to maintain optimum mental health, thereby boosting your performance. The chair also saves one the recurrent expenditure with at the massage parlor there helping you save money.


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