Full Body Massage Chairs You Will Love

Full body massage chair technology is geared towards helping people cope with stress in daily life. Stress and tension are part and parcel of everybody’s life. With increased responsibilities, comes increased stress. If stress is not managed properly, it might lead to lower performance at work or in the family. Sometimes, extreme stress might result in deterioration of one’s health.

Due to the prevalent challenges and demands of life, one needs to ensure that their performance is optimal. Most life coaches and performance experts advise that for a person to live a full filling life, they should have a way to deal with the tension and stress of life. Therefore, one should identify a way to treat the body so that it can be more effective in handling stress and remaining productive.

For this reason, full body massage technology has been engineered to give up a relaxing experience that will be as good or even better than the traditional hands massage. Osaki company has been on the forefront in the designing and production of state of the art massage chairs to help you with a full body massage.


Osaki Os-4000T Full Body Massage Chairs: Your Ultimate Stress Reliever

· The Osaki Os-4000T is designed with advanced computer intelligence that is able to map out a persons body contours so hat the chair fits it perfectly. One can also make micro adjustments to ensure that they are completely comfortable for a more effective experience.

OSAKI_OS-4000T_ZERO_GRAVITY_MASSAGE_CHAIR· When the chair is in a reclining position it places the body is in what is referred to as a zero gravity position. This is the point whereby the feet are above the position of the heart. At this position the weight of a person is usually evenly distributed. This marks the start of the therapeutic process. This is because the position takes pressure of the spine and helps in spinal alignment. It also aids the neck, back and the shoulder to relax.

· The chair is also designed with seven automated programs to facilitate the massage namely, muscle relief, Thai, stretching, anti-stress, demo, neck-shoulder and a program for all simultaneously.

· It also comes with a computer intelligent S-robot which helps to map out the spine from the neck, shoulders, the mid and lower back. It also helps is applying the same calculated pressure on the spine in such a way that all the areas are well targeted.

· The foot roolers use the reflexology technique to identify the occupants. These points on the feet are massaged in such a way that it increases blood circulation and ultimately one is able to benefit from the reflexology technology.

· For the people suffering from back pains, this chair has heat therapy that targets the lower back.

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Osaki Os-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair for Full Body Revitalization

· This improved full body massage chair provides massage for all body parts including the head. It has an extension of the neck region that provides deep lower head massage.

· When in a reclining position, Its zero gravity position has a second state for an extended recline. This helps one to feel weightless hence kicking off the relaxed mood.

Osaki_OS-3D_Pro_Dreamer_Zero_Gravity_Massage_Chair· Its accupoint technology is more advanced providing more accuracy and efficiency in the reflexology therapy.

· It also has the intelligent computer body scan that helps to map out person’s body type. This helps in customizing the chair to a person’s specific body frame.

· The chair also has waist airbags that squeeze in a person s hips for a deeper massage at the hip region.

· This chair comes with an MP 3 player so that one can listen to some soothing tracks. This audio stimulation increases the effectiveness of the massage by enhancing stress relief.

· It also has Chromotherapy LED lights which provide a relaxing blue light. This helps to create an ambient atmosphere ideal for relaxation.

· The Os-3D Pro chair is fitted with eight automated massage programs, namely: muscle relief, music sync, recovery, anti-stress, wake-up, quick, and full-air.

· This chair is fitted with multiple air bags to enhance the massage and to ensure that the experience mimics the normal hands massage.
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Osaki Os-3D Pro Cyber Full Body Massage with Increased Efficiency

· The Pro cyber full body massage chair has enhanced computer scanning. This provides greater ability to correctly map out a person’s body frame so that the chair can adjust to fit the person and have access to the surface.

· For a more effective head massage, the rollers on the backrest can be extended up to 8 cm. This helps to provide a deep tissue massage.

· The chair also has the zero gravity position with the second stage. This helps to initiate stress relief.

OSAKI_OS-3D_PRO_CYBER_ZERO_GRAVITY_MASSAGE_CHAIR· The Pro Cyber chair has an enhanced air bag system that ensures that all the parts from the neck, shoulders, the back and the feet are well fitted and receive a more effective massage. They also make the experience more enjoyable by providing deep tissue massage.

· The chair also comes with the MP 3 that helps the client to enjoy both the sensations in his body due to massage and the soothing melodies.

· The chromotherapy LED lights illuminate the massage room, giving the space a good feel theme.

· This particular full massage chair come with nine automatic massage programs. These are de-stress, stretch, demo, full- air, music sync, comfort, deep press, and relax.

· The chair, unlike the massage chairs,has an LCD screen to help you visualize the process. It also has an added advantage of the fact that one can choose from the variety of speeds and intensities available. It functions at five different speeds and five different intensities.

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There are other body massage chairs available on the market. However, none are as effective and as well deigned the above Osaki full body massage chairs. Therefore, as you plan for the items to buy for your home or your gym, include the one of the chairs. This is one of the stress coping techniques that every parent, every employee, or every employer should have.

Top 3 Powerful Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Although seeking medical intervention may be the eventual resort for some patients, it isn’t bad trying a few home remedies for lower back pain relief . As such, this article highlights some widely tested ideas for tackling back soreness at home. Continue reading to discover the top 3 in-home remedies for treating pain the lower back.

1. Stretching

Stretching is one of the best ways to treat pain in the lower back within the comfort of your home. Drawing out your back muscles and joints serves two relieving purposes. First, the simple exercise can lessen lower back pain (depending on the location of the affected part) and also help strengthen any weak spots. However, regular stretching for easing soreness in the lower back ought to be done both gently and carefully.

Getting rid of lower back PainIf you find that some form of stretching increases discomfort instead of alleviating it, stop it at once. Once you get the hang of it, home-based stretching will become an awesome therapeutic undertaking for virtually any backache patient out there.

2. Healthy Sitting Posture

Due to the fact that many people spend most of their time sitting down, pain in the lower back has become a ubiquitous health issue among millions of individuals out there. Sitting down for extended time periods is far more harmful that you know. Although staying in a seated position is inevitable for some people such as professionals working on desktops, it’s imperative to avoid assuming harmful sitting positions.

As such, you ought to ensure that all your spinal bones and joints are lined up neatly for as long as you remain seated. If you’re typing on the computer, it’s good to make sure that the keyboard always remains within reach and that your feet are kept flat on the floor. This is one of the extremely vital in-home office ergonomics that will keep backache at bay and equally boost your overall productivity.

3. Recommended Sleeping Positions

Most individuals develop lower back pain or sciatica simply because of sleeping the wrong way. As such, you should adjust how you sleep and immediately experience gradual backache relief. For patients with excruciating sciatic or constant soreness in the lower back, lying on their backs is the most recommended sleeping position. While side sleepers aren’t fully encouraged to use this remarkably unhealthy pattern every day, putting a pillow between the legs can help the affected muscles and joints relax a bit.

However, sleeping on one’s back is particularly inadvisable for lower back pain patients. Nonetheless, this could be the only way to fall asleep for some individuals out there. If you fall under this small category, remember to put a pillow under the lower abdomen and pelvis so as to lessen back strain.

NB: Despite the effectiveness of the universally proven at-home remedies explained above, it’s still prudent to seek specialized diagnosis and treatment from qualified health practitioners if your pain doesn’t improve after practicing them for some reasonable time duration.